Our range of products, events and programmes are designed to provide the highest level of experience of new technologies. This ensures they are fully understood, enabling the customer facing team to explain in plain English the benefits, operation and limitations of new systems and technologies.

Our support packages provide the resource to ensure that any individuals who did not attend a programme can learn for themselves about the product. Equally the resource becomes invaluable to train new starters on the current model before it is replaced and training for the new model is received.

Our customer facing media provides the customer with a means to remind themselves of everything that they were presented with at the handover, whilst ensuring that the Sales Executive has a tool to help them cover everything in a time effective manner.

OSR can undertake total or partial management of a programme. We work with our clients to produce a project plan complete with timelines and measurables. We then provide ongoing reports as well as a final report demonstrating results against all agreed targets and measurables.