In designing our products we have considered the challenges faced by Automotive Manufacturers and their Dealer networks:

Early Enquiries: Customers are increasingly researching their prospective purchase early using the vast amount of media available to them. Therefore the sales teams need to be prepared earlier than ever before to answer prospects questions and keep them warm ready for a new product to be available.

Technology: Technology in cars is advancing rapidly from voice activated satellite navigation and audio to adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance systems. This advancement in technology applies new pressures on our Sales Teams in terms of:
  •  Presenting the products
  •  Demonstrating Products
  •  Handover of the Products
Equally customers want to drive and experience their new purchase with minimum fuss, whilst handover of their new car effectively, explaining all of it's features and their operation may take some time.

Staff Turnover: Delivering a programme at the launch of a new product provides a route to ensure that the delegates who are able to attend the training understand the product. However this may leave potential gaps:
  •  Not all customer facing staff may attend the event or programme
  •  Turnover of customer facing staff means that there is a requirement for ongoing support
  •  It may be three to five years before a replacement product demands an entirely new programme

Therefore a complete programme must incorporate the ability to provide ongoing training