Champions Programmes: These are training events designed to impart as much knowledge to dealers prior to the main launch training as is possible. This ensures that dealers can answer early prospect enquiries and plan their launch strategies effectively.
These are typically regionally based events attended by a nominated 'Product Champion' from each dealer who is tasked with taking the knowledge from the event and imparting it to the dealer team.

New product (service or system) launch: These may be in-dealer, regional roadshows or held at one central venue. All of these may include competitor comparisons and are equally effective as product refreshers. These may be dealer facing only or may include customers.

Product Induction: In-dealer for new dealers, or at regional or central venues for groups of new starters. These are designed to take new starters through the entire product range focusing on customers needs and relating them to features, benefits and technology.

Training DVDs: For those who cannot attend an event or for new starters, these DVDs provide an interactive media via which they can learn all about the product. These can equally be placed on-line for easy access.

Customer DVDs: Ideal for customers as a support to the handover and handbook to explain the operation of the main features of the car. These are particularly useful in vehicles that are full of technology.