OSR have been working in the Automotive Industry since 1994.

Our focus is to support the generation of sales through the provision of events, training programmes and products that revolve around the product itself.

Our aim is to help the dealer team sell cars effectively, profitably and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

By looking at the challenges that the automotive market is facing we have established a unique product offering to fulfill the needs of the market today and for the future. Including

  •  Programmes to make knowledge available prior to product launches
  •  The design and delivery of programmes for launches
  •  Provision of media to ensure that all staff can be trained post launch
These events and programmes may be for new products or to refresh on existing products. As a small company we can respond rapidly and effectively to our clients' demands.

Our experience of training and development in both the retail and automotive sectors across a range disciplines from product knowledge, customer service, sales skills, marketing and management development allows us to use a variety of methods and techniques in our programmes.

As a small company we can respond rapidly and effectively to our clients’ demands.

Through the use of associates we are able to undertake projects as diverse as a one day programme to develop the knowledge of agency staff on a show stand, to a seven hundred delivery day programme to simultaneously launch a number of new products with new technologies to every customer facing member of a dealer network.